◼ Instruction

  • Posters will be displayed on poster pannels located in front of the main lecture hall of 4th floor.
  • Poster should be made within A0-size with 841 mm x 1,189 mm and portrait format.

  • ◼ Contributed Poster List

    (Total number of presentations: 23)
    No.SessionNamePresentation Title
    1PosterSho AtsutaMeasurement of Schumann resonance in Kamioka
    2PosterSimon BarkeLISA Mission – Design and Technology
    3PosterKyuman ChoA folded heterodyne I/Q-interferometer scheme for initial mirror alignment in a gravitational wave detector
    4PosterKazunari EdaProbing dark matter minispikes using gravitational waves
    5PosterCarlos Frajuca Thermal connection and vibrational isolation: an elegant solution for two problems (file)
    6PosterYoshinori FUJIIStatus of KAGRA vibration isolation system
    7PosterSlawek GrasCoating thermal noise measurement using multibeam approach
    8PosterKazuhiro HayamaStatus of KAGRA detector characterization
    9PosterIk Siong HengMaximising the detection probability of kilonovae associated with gravitational wave observations
    10PosterNathaniel IndikPrecessing stochastic template bank for neutron star - black hole systems
    11PosterGhasem KazemipourGravity
    12PosterDavid KeitelDistinguishing transient signals and instrumental disturbances in semi-coherent searches for continuous gravitational waves with line-robust statistics (file)
    13PosterHee Il KimGravitational waves from collapsing supermassive stars
    14Posterjeongcho kimRealistic MCMC for CBC inspirals with ground-based GW detectors
    15PosterSina KoehlenbeckThe Single Arm Test at the AEI 10m Prototype
    16PosterAndrew MillerHow beaming of gravitational radiation from gamma ray bursts impacts gravitational wave detection
    17PosterAtsushi NishizawaSearch method for an emission line of a gravitational wave background
    18PosterFulvio RicciDoes vacuum fluctuations gravitate? Archimedes: a proposal for weighing the vacuum energy
    19PosterAvneet SinghGravitational Wave transient signal emission (CW-transients) during post-glitch relaxation phase of a Neutron Star (file)
    20PosterMaggie TseFirst Experimental Demonstration of Audio-Band Frequency-Dependent Squeezing
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