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■ 14:00~15:30

○ Advanced Interferometric Detectors, Chair: Seiji Kawamura, Room A
  • 14:00~14:15, Kazuhiro Agatsuma, "Phase camera as a tool for monitoring sidebands and mirror aberrations"
  • 14:15~14:30, Slawek Gras, "Observation of parametric instability in advanced LIGO"
  • 14:30~14:45, Chunnong Zhao, "Optomechanical devices for gravitational wave detectors"
  • 14:45~15:00, Rahul Kumar, "Design and status of the cryogenic payload system for the KAGRA detector"
  • 15:00~15:15, Carlos Frajuca, "Noise spectral density sensitivity using finite element modelling"

  • ○ Cosmology and Relativity using Gravitational Waves, Chair: Bruce Allen, Room B
  • 14:00~14:15, Tjonnie Guang Feng Li, "TIGER: A data analysis pipeline for testing the strong-field dynamics of general relativity with gravitational wave signals from coalescing compact binaries"
  • 14:15~14:30, Jeroen Meidam, "TIGER's tail: Testing the no-hair theorem with black hole ringdowns"
  • 14:30~14:45, Gungwon Kang, "Gravitational radiation captures of two non-spinning black holes"
  • 14:45~15:00, Salvatore Vitale, "What can gravitational-wave measurements tell us about BH spins?"
  • 15:00~15:15, Atsushi Nishizawa, "Measuring gravitational-wave propagation speed with multimessenger observations"

  • ■ 15:30~16:30, Coffee Break

    ■ 16:30~18:00

    ○ Search Results for Transient Gravitational Waves, Chair: Alex Nielsen, Room A
  • 16:30~16:45, Thomas Dent, "Event classification for a gravitational-wave inspiral search with a sine-Gaussian glitch veto"
  • 16:45~17:00, Collin Capano, "A template bank for binary black holes with non-precessing spin in advanced LIGO"
  • 17:00~17:15, Christopher Moore, "Using Gaussian process regression to improve prameter-estimation prospects for black-hole binaries in the advanced detector era"
  • 17:15~17:30, Alvin Chua, "Augmented kludge waveforms and Gaussian process regression for EMRI data analysis"
  • 17:30~17:45, Hee-Suk Cho, "Testing the validity of the phenomenological waveform models for nonspinning binary black h ole searches at low masses"

  • ○ Search Results for Countinuous Gravitational Waves, Chair: M. Alessandra Papa, Room B
  • 16:30~16:45, David Keitel, "Distinguishing transient signals and instrumental disturbances in semi-coherent searches for continuous gravitational waves with line-robust statistics"
  • 16:45~17:00, Grant David Meadors, "Directed and all-sky continuous wave searches in advanced detectors: Scorpius X-1 and neutron stars in binary systems"
  • 17:00~17:15, Jing Ming, "Optimal directed searches for continuous gravitational waves"
  • 17:15~17:30, Karl Wette, "All-sky semicoherent searches for isolated gravitational-wave pulsars and Einstein@Home"
  • 17:30~17:45, Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein, "Einstein@Home all-sky search and follow-up for continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars in LIGO's 6th science run data"
  • 17:45~18:00, Bernard Whiting, "Gravitational waves from r-modes in newborn neutron stars"