◼ Time Table

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Opening Address
by Doochul Kim
(President of IBS)
Invited Plenary
Room A
Fulvio Ricci
Stan Whitcomb
Bala Iyer
David Reitze
Peter Fritschel
Frederique Marion
Gabriela Gonzalez
Jonathan Gair
Paul McNamara
George Hobbs
Ryan Shannon
Deirdre Shoemaker
Hyunkyu Lee
Masaru Shibata
Samaya Nissanke
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
Plenary Talks
Room A
Stan Whitcomb
Leo Singer
Yan Wang
George Hobbs
Ho jung Paik
Daniel Sigg
Fulvio Ricci
Raffaele Flaminio
Francesco Fidecaro
James Lough
Matthew Evans
Ho Jung Paik
Paul McNamara
Simon Barke
Michele Armano
Daniel Schuetze
Frederique Marion
Ik Siong Heng
Sukanta Bose
Hyung Mok Lee
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Parallel Session
Room A & B
Seiji Kawamura
Advanced Detector
Bruce Allen
GW Cosmo. & Rel.
Mathew Evans
Advanced Detector
Deirdre Shoemaker
Multi-Messen. Astro.
Excursion Daniel Schuetze
Space Detector
Ryan Shannon
Pulsar Timing
Simon Barke
Space Detector
Hyung Mok Lee
Source Modelling
15:30-16:30 Break & Poster Session Break & Poster Session
Parallel Session
Room A & B
Alex Nielsen
Binary Searches
M. Alessandra Papa
Cont. Wave Searches
Lecture on Laser Optics:
World of Ultra-High
Intensity Lasers by
Chang Hee Nam
Peter Fritschel
Future Detector
Ik Siong Heng
GW Cosmo. & Rel.
Daniel Sigg
Future Detector

18:00-21:00 Registration &
Banquet Public Lecture
by Bernard Schutz

◼ Plenary Session

Venue: Room A (4th Floor)

Invited Plenary Speakers and Titles

  • Stan Whitcomb (LIGO Laboratory/Caltech), "What is GWIC?"
  • Paul McNamara (European Space Agency, The Netherlands), "Preparing for the future:The LISA pathfinder mission"
  • Ryan Shannon (CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, Australia), "Studying galaxy centres with nanohertz frequency gravitational waves and pulsar timing arrays"
  • Samaya Nissanke (Radboud Univeristy, The Netherlands), "Follow thechirp: the astrophysics of compact object mergers"
  • Deirdre Shoemaker (GeorgiaTech, USA), "TBD"
  • Masaru Shibata (Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kyoto Univeristy, Japan),"Merger of neutron star binaries: Gravitational waves and electromagnetic counterparts"
  • Frederique Marion (LAPP, France), "Data analysis for ground-based advanceddetectors: prospects and challenges"
  • Peter Fritschel (MIT, USA), "Debut of the Advanced Interferometric Detectors"
  • Bala Iyer (International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore, India), "Experiments driving theory: GW detection and the twobody problem in GR"
  • Jonathan Gair (University of Cambridge, UK), "Gravitational wave science from space"

  • Plenary Speaker and Titles

  • Leo Singer (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), "The needle in the hundred-square-degree haystack: The hunt for binary neutron star mergers with LIGO and Palomar Transient Factory"
  • Yan Wang (Univ. of Western Australia), "On inter-satelite laser ranging, clock synchronization and gravitational wave data analysis"
  • George Hobbs (CSIRO), "The PULSE@Parkes outreach project"
  • Daniel Sigg (LIGO Hanford Observatory), "Status of LIGO"
  • Fulvio Ricci (INFN Sez. Roma and Univ. of La Sapienza), "Advanced Virgo status"
  • Raffaele Flaminio (NAOJ, Univ. of Tokyo), "The cryogenic challenge: status of the KAGRA project"
  • James Lough (AEI Hannover), "GEO600: astrowatch and advanced technology integration"
  • Matthew Evans (MIT), "Frequency dependent squeezing and advanced LIGO upgrades"
  • Ho Jung Paik (Univ. of Maryland), "Terrestrial detector for low-frequency gravitational waves based on full tensor measurement"
  • Simon Barke (AEI Hannover), "LISA Mission: overview and status update"
  • Michele Armano (European Space Agency, Spain), "Science operations with LISA pathfinder"
  • Daniel Schuetze (AEI Hannover), "Measuring earth: current status of the GRACE follow-on laser ranging interferometer"
  • Hyung Mok Lee (Seoul National Univ.), "Black hole binaries formed in dense stellar systems"
  • Sukanta Bose (IUCAA / WSU), "Improving the search for compact binary coalescences by characterizing the effect of chirping and non-chirping sine-Gaussian noise transients"
  • Ik Siong Heng (Univ. of Glasgow), "Classification methods for noise transients for advanced gravitationa-wave detectors"

  • ◼ Parallel Session

    Venue: Room A & Room B (4th Floor)

    Parallel Sesseion Topics

  • Advanced Interferometric Detectors
  • Concepts and Techniques for Future Detectors
  • Cosmology and Relativity using Gravitational Waves
  • Education and Public Outreach
  • Multi-Messenger Astronomy with Gravitational Waves
  • Pulsar Timing
  • Search Results for Countinuous Gravitational Waves
  • Search Results for Stochastic Gravitational Waves
  • Search Results for Transient Gravitational Waves
  • Source Modelling
  • Space-based Detectors

  • ◼ Public Program

    ○ Public Lecture: Gravitational Waves by Prof. Bernard F. Schutz (Univ. of Cardiff)

  • Room No.: Room A (4th floor)
  • Title: Listening to Black Holes and the Big Bang - the Oldest Concert of the Universe
  • Date & Time: June 25 2015 (Thu), 18:00
  • Language: English with Korean Subtitle

  • ○ Scientific Lecture: Laser Optics by Prof. Chang Hee Nam (Director of IBS CoReLS)

  • Room No.: Room A (4th floor)
  • Title: World of Ultra-High Intensity Lasers
  • Date & Time: June 23 2015 (Tue), 16:30
  • Language: English

  • ◼ Reception, Banquet & Excursion