• Date: June 21 (Sunday), 18:00~20:00
  • Place: KimDaeJung Convention Center, in front of the main lecture hall at 4th floor
  • Glasses of wine and some light snack dishes will be served.


  • The conference banquet will be held at Holiday Inn in front of the KDJ Convention Center on June 23 (Tuesday). Buffet style dinner will be served followed by the performance of the Korean traditional music. There will be sufficient variety of food both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


    ◼ Guide

  • People who want to join should sign up by 16:30 Monday
  • Free of charge for registered participants
  • Departure time: 12:50
  • Box lunch will be provided

  • ◼ Tour Sites

  • Tour Course 1. Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden), SoSwaeWon Garden
  • This tour includes visits to Juknokwon (http://juknokwon.go.kr/, Korean page only), a bamboo garden, and Soswaewon http://www.soswaewon.co.kr/, Korean page only), a private garden built by a famous scholar in 16th century. They are located in a Damyang county, a suburb of Gwangju. The driving distances from the venue to Juknokwon is about 30 km, from there to SoSwaeWon is about 20km, and return to the venue will be another 30 km.

  • Tour Course 2. NagAnEupSeong Folk Village (English Page)
  • Nakaneupseong is a well preserved folk village enclosed by a protecting wall. The driving distance to this village is about 80 km each way.

  • Tour Course 3. SongGwangSa Temple (English Website)
  • Songkwangsa is a Buddhist temple that originates back to more than 1000 years ago. The driving distance to this temple is about 65 km each way.